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The Experience To Protect Your Innovation

Since 1969, Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, P.C. (MWZB) has provided comprehensive Intellectual Property services to a worldwide clientele, from individual inventors to multi-national corporations. Our services span patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and entertainment law. We handle both domestic (US) matters and international matters working with an extensive network of foreign-associate attorneys and firms..

The firm's attorneys and staff are deeply experienced in both ex parte and inter-parties matters. All of our patent attorneys have technical degrees, several have Ph.D. degrees. All of our senior attorneys and partners have extensive experience handling IP matters. [Read More]
Why You Should Select MWZB For Your IP Work

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January 9, 2018: Dr. Larry Millstein, a MWZB Director, was unanimously re-elected to serve a third term as President of PSW Science.
lineNovember 10, 2017: MWZB Scores
Big at the Federal Circuit

lineNovember 7, 2017: USPTO's IPR Practice Detrimental to Patentees Found Erroneous by En Banc Federal Circuit Court
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