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Patent, Post-Grant Procedures, Opinions and Analysis re: Patentability, Infringement, Validity, Freedom-to-Operate and Due Diligence, Preparation and Prosecution of Domestic and International Utility Patents and Preparation and Prosecution of Domestic and International Design Patents

Biotechnology, Health and Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Medical Device

Jennifer Branigan is a registered patent agent who joined the firm in January 2000. Ms. Branigan has more than two decades of experience in all aspects of patentability, validity and infringement analysis.

As a patent agent, Ms. Branigan has considerable experience and involvement with patent search and patent prosecution. Ms. Branigan conducts patent searching across a in a diverse set of technologies, including Biochemicals, Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Health and Life Sciences, Mechanical, Medical Devices, Petrochemicals, Polymers and Pharmaceuticals.

Ms. Branigan has a particular interest in issues of patent term adjustment and frequently works with the firm’s clients on these issues. Patent term adjustment issues affect the length that a given patent will be in effect. These issues are extremely complex. Decisions made during patent prosecution can often have a negative effect on patent term. She has assisted dozens of firm clients, over the years, in maximizing PTA time and obtaining extended PTA time.

As part of her work for the firm, Ms. Branigan supervises the firm’s intellectual property research and support staff. She also acts as the firm’s legal librarian and manages the firm’s electronic and printed reference and research materials.

Before coming to the firm, Ms. Branigan held a similar role for seven years in another intellectual property firm in the D.C. area.

Prior to becoming a registered patent agent, Ms. Branigan conducted post-graduate research in molecular biology at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia, and the Biomedical Research Institute.

Because of independent research that she conducted on azalea hybridization, Ms. Branigan holds a U.S plant patent for a dwarf, brilliant-red azalea. She was a winner of a Westinghouse Science Talent Search Award.

James Madison University (B.A. Biology) 1986

Membership and Affiliations
American Chemical Society (ACS)
National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP)
Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)
American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

Registered to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office 1997

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