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Service Areas: Entertainment

MWZB’s entertainment attorneys represent clients in transactions and litigation in music, film, television, publishing and electronic gaming. Our clientele include record labels and artists with records debuting on the Billboard 200 chart.

We combine business experience with extensive knowledge of copyright and trademark laws, which results in favorable deals for our clients. Frequently, our practice helps emerging businesses balance the rights of content owners and the use of intellectual property in disruptive technologies.

Representative Services:

  • Preparing and negotiating recording, publishing, merchandising, management, production and master-recording purchase agreements;
  • Assisting in the distribution of recorded media domestically and internationally;
  • Counseling music tour producers and live-event promoters, including nationwide festivals;
  • Forming and preparing documents governing music-related entities, such as band-member agreements and employment agreements;
  • Clearing and licensing music rights for films and videogames;
  • Securing and enforcing intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights related to music, sound recordings, games and performing artists;
  • Advising on matters of false advertising, defamation and rights of privacy and publicity; and
  • Pursuing and defending disputes over entertainment-related intellectual property before administrative panels and in the federal courts.

Representative Clients:

  • Guitar Legends
  • Major-label Artists
  • Independent Labels and Music Publishers
  • Independent Film Producers
  • App Developers
  • Non-profit Arts Organizations
  • User-generated-content Websites

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