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The patent professionals at MWZB have extensive experience in all areas of law regarding patents and related issues, including:

  • Patent preparation, prosecution and maintenance.
  • International filings, prosecution and maintenance of applications and resulting patents through a carefully cultivated network of trusted foreign associates.
  • Patent portfolio evaluation.
  • Validity and freedom to operate opinions.
  • Reissues, re-exams.
  • Patent Trial and Appeal Board procedures (e.g., Inter Parties Review, Post-Grant Review and Interferences).
  • Due diligence analyses.
  • Licensing.
  • Litigation.

As to technical expertise, a majority of the MWZB patent professionals have backgrounds in the chemical, chemical engineering and biotechnology fields, which are historically MWZB's areas of strong expertise. In addition, MWZB has patent professionals with strong expertise in the electrical, semiconductor, software, mechanical and design fields.

Prior employment experience by MWZB patent professionals at technical research labs, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. military and high tech corporations has enhanced the patent group's ability to effectively work with clients to ensure protection of their inventions.

The client base of the MWZB Patent Group primarily comprises major U.S. and foreign corporations, such as well respected, successful and innovative pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and petrochemical companies. The MWZB Patent Group also represents a significant number of innovative universities, small corporations and individuals.

Professionals from the group attend and present at conferences in the U.S. and overseas, and work with foreign counsel to protect their client’s interests worldwide.

MWZB patent professionals have many years of experience representing patent clients in essentially all aspects of IP law and business; therefore, MWZB has most likely dealt with any issue which a patent client may encounter. This allows us to quickly assess our client’s needs and efficiently address those needs to provide service to our client at a good value.

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